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Driver Training Day at Kirkbride Airfield


Book your Driver Training day in your performance car!




Learn, in a safe, controlled environment, about the real world effects of a car on the edge of control and how you, as a driver, can manage that car to bring it back under control, or utilise it to generate more speed on track.

We work from first principles – develop good habits rather than build on bad.  The fundamentals of steering and braking, weight transfer – right through to as advanced as you wish to go.

Driver training is performed in your car – the key is to build confidence in the vehicle you’ll use, so whether it’s a hot hatch, fast saloon, sports car or track car – we can help you get the best from it, safely.


We operate these days with three students to one instructor - you will get maximum possible attention and track time to practise what you're learning.  There's no hours spent in a classroom here, it's all practical learning.


There are 5 levels - all customers start at level 1, to ensure we're building on solid foundations.  Acceleration, Braking, Cornering basics and more complex cornering in one full day for level one, expanding through the levels to advanced techniques for ultimate car control.


We operate our driver training days alongside the Supercar Experience Events at our Kirkbride Airfield venue in Cumbria.  Please note, we CANNOT offer the Driver training at any of our other venues.  Check our Calendar listings on our main page for upcoming Kirkbride dates and contact us for slot availability on those dates before purchase - Driver training slots are very limited


Current dates:

Sat 16th March 2019

Sun 17th March 2019

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