At Supercarworld, we don’t only let you drive Supercars in a safe environment – our roster of race instructors give us the ability to offer tailored driver training for those looking to develop their car control skills – whether that be for speed on track or additional safety on the road.

Learn, in a safe, controlled environment, about the real world effects of a car on the edge of control and how you, as a driver, can manage that car to bring it back under control, or utilise it to generate more speed on track.

We work from first principles – develop good habits rather than build on bad.  The fundamentals of steering and braking, weight transfer – right through to as advanced as you wish to go.

Driver training is performed in your car – the key is to build confidence in the vehicle you’ll use, so whether it’s a hot hatch, fast saloon, sports car or track car – we can help you get the best from it, safely.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and find out about our next upcoming dates


We operate the Driver Training in five distinct "Stages" - you each stage is presented as a day's training.  Upon completion of one, you can progress to the next.

For example:

Stage 1: 

-1: Start, Acceleration, and Braking I Front-Wheel Drive (If Applicable)

-2: Start, Acceleration, and Braking II (How to accelerate properly, NO LAUNCH CONTROL! Braking potential, application of pedal force, Long and short Braking zones) 

-3: Basics of Cornering: Front-Wheel Drive (If applicable)

-4: Basics of Cornering: Rear-Wheel Drive (Outside, Inside (Apex) Outside, Steering "Closed, Open up". Flow)

-5: Applied Cornering: Front-Wheel Drive (If applicable)

-6: Applied Cornering: Rear-Wheel Drive (further work on difficult corners, Trail braking etc)

-7: Basics of Complex Corners (chicanes, Tightening, Throttle management)

Stage 2:

-1: Practical Cornering I (Flat R/L)

-2: Practical Cornering II (Hard R/L)

-3: Practical Cornering III (Hairpin, "Vee-ing", Tight, Wide)

-4: Circle Track: 60R, (Radius tight)

-5: Circle Track: 100R, (Radius wide)

-6: Long Corners (Balanced throttle)

-7: Blind Corner (Commitment, what to do if in trouble)


"The experience was good. Good to know how to handle the car you actually drive.  Also the limits without driver aids. Definitely recommend it."

Azz Nadeem

Instructor Bios

Chris Milford

DoB: 11/08/1989

Born: Dorchester, Eng

Lives: Aboyne, Sco

Accreditation: ARDS Instructor licence grade "B" (Soon A), MSA performance coaching level 2. FIA Silver rating.


"Chris started racing karts at the age of 10 in South-East Asia, competing against older and more experienced drivers and internationally in countries like Vietnam, Singapore and Dubai.

After a brief stint in the armed forces, Chris then went on to drive in the Scottish Fiesta championship and the Celtic Speed Mini Cooper Cup. With 2 wins and a good number of podiums, Chris was picked up by Tony Gilham's Team-HARD, with an entry into the VAG trophy, racing VW Cup spec cars.


Chris was then offered a British Touring Car test, which he performed extremely well against the top teams and drivers in the BTCC.

Chris then moved to the British GT championship, racing in the Ginetta G55 GT4 class against a large grid of professional drivers, finishing in the top 10 in his class.

Chris continues to instruct and coach at Knockhill racing circuit as well as Supercar world UK.

"What a fantastic day. I learnt so much, how the car feels when it understeers/oversteers and how to deal with that. What's great is that you get to do the drills again and again so you really get a feel for it. You just can't do this anywhere else. The tuition is great with a really good tutor to pupil ratio, you're driving most the day. Best upgrade I've paid for"

Hugh Watson

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